Bank of England Governor Mark Carney Duggested

Bank of England Governor Mark Carney Duggested
Bank of England Governor Mark Carney suggested that a virtual currency, modeled after Facebook's Libra, could someday replace the dollar as king of the foreign exchange market. Senior Vice President BoE recently aired an ambiguous proposal for the so-called "synthetic hegemonic currency" at the Jackson Hole Symposium of a central banker. Here's a brief assessment of why the Green Bag is losing its luster and the prospect of Carney's new digital currency to be supported by major central banks around the world.

Why dollar advantage

The dollar was the world's standard currency since various major units were fixed to the value of the greenback after the Bretton Woods contract in 1944. Thanks to the economic and political influence of the United States, we have maintained a global advantage ever since. Philippe Waechter, director of research at Ostrum Asset Management, said, “The main currency is always the largest currency of political power in the world. According to the International Monetary Fund, the dollar accounted for almost 62% of global foreign exchange reserves in the first quarter of 2019.

Europe's single currency ranked second with 20.2%, while Chinese yuan rose to 2nd largest economy ranking in the world, following the United States, but only 2%. Why is the green bag losing appeal? The dollar lost its sparkle due to globalization and changes in the global economic order, but the rotation of the US unit still affects other economies.

In a recent meeting with bankers in Wyoming, Carney said, “US development has had a significant impact on trade performance and the state's financial situation, even with limited direct exposure to the US economy. When the Greenback is grateful, the debt tends to be expressed in dollars, so so is the repayment for many emerging countries. The BoE governor, who resigned in January, added, "We need to change the game in the long run.

Central bank role

According to Carney, the public sector in the form of a central bank can provide the best support for the new virtual currency. Open questions about whether such a new (cryptocurrency) can be best served in the public sector, perhaps through a central bank digital currency network," he said. But both central bankers and world leaders are concerned about the current virtual currency crop because they are not regulated. President Donald Trump accused Bitcoin and Libra of "light air based" and, unlike the dollar, not dressed or credible.

Commentators believe Washington will not lose its status as the world's best reserve currency. Rabobank analysts said, “The United States will simply not let it happen without a fight. How about Libra? Meanwhile, the governor of BoE explicitly mentioned Libra, the future cryptocurrency released by social media giant Facebook in June. Carney is the world's most popular digital unit, but avoided mentioning Bitcoin, which suffers from volatility.

Launched in the first half of 2020, Libra supports a basket of currency assets to avoid sudden fluctuations in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. But Libra attracted the attention of the central banker due to the origin of the private sector. Agnes Benassy-Quere, a researcher at the Paris School of Economics, said, “The central bank is a bit annoyed at this (facebook) bid to privatize money. Bitcoin is decentralized, but Libra is co-managed by 100 partner companies, including Facebook itself.

Yields improved after policy rate

Yields improved after policy rates continued to rise, resulting in appreciation of green back deposits for domestic investors, while rupee deposits monetary funds for banks reached 69 billion rupees this year. Bankers have said that the rupee deposit is attractive compared to the dollar because the two currencies have a substantial profit difference. The State Bank of Pakistan is currently staying at 13.25%, raising interest rates for more than a year, making rupee deposits an attractive means. According to the Pakistan State Bank's latest data, between January and July, the rupee bank deposit increased by 69 billion rupees (13.747 trillion rupees).

Banks insisted that long-term deposits earn 10-11%, but that depends on the institutions where small banks offer more than big ones. Short-term deposits, on the other hand, yield about 8pc or more from rupee deposits. But unlike rupees, dollar deposits from local banks return about 1.5-2pc per year. According to the SBP data, commercial banks' dollar reserves increased by $ 566 million from January to July at $ 7.29 billion.

According to bankers, the exchange rate has been stable for more than a month, which has reduced appetite for the dollar among investors. Malik Bostan, the Pakistan Foreign Exchange Association, said, “There are no buyers in the open market, so every day banks sell 7-8 million dollars a day.” In the same period last year, about $ 750 million was sold to the bank for $ 325 million from May to July.

The bankers were happy with the increase in deposits, but they are also comfortable with investments in government newspapers that offer more than 14pc. The 12-month paper yield on the last auction of Treasury bonds was 14.24pc, and the last auction of Pakistani investment bonds (PIB) provided 14.22pc for three years.

The Federal Federal Board of Revenue on Monday

FBR confirmed the sales tax refund of 2.22 billion to exporters through the newly installed Fully Automated Sales Tax e-Refund (FASTER) system. According to the FBR, the first payment was made through the FASTER module for the July claim of reimbursement, and Pakistan State Bank confirmed the credit of the refund amount in the applicant's bank account, FBR said. Treasury Prime Minister Dr. Hafeez Shaikh shared his decision on the Twitter account that the government made an important decision regarding tax refund “to promote the country's economic activity and provide liquidity support to businesses.

Shaikh wrote that the government would immediately publish 22 billion rupees in sales tax refunds, along with all income tax refunds (up to Rs100, 000). He said that the verification process for other outstanding refunds will be expedited. Meanwhile, income tax refunds between Rs10,000 and Rs500,000 will be paid next month. The budgetary government has announced that it will pay taxpayers a refund quickly.

According to the official statement of the FBR, it is emphasized that by August 30, only nine refund claims in five export-oriented sectors were received and payments were made for claims settled by the FASTER module's risk management system. According to the press release, the number of refund claims received is not large. The FBR added that it encourages exporters to process and pay claims by submitting invoices in Annex-H format as soon as possible.

As a result of the withdrawal of SRO 1125 (I) / 2011, the inputs from the five export-oriented sectors could be rated as zero, so FBR contracted with exporters in the textile, leather, carpet, sporting goods and surgical supplies sectors. -You must pay your refund within 72 hours after you file a refund claim.

The FBR said in advance that an Annex-H submission, a form of monthly sales tax return, will be treated as a refund claim submission. To this end, the tax agency has developed a new IT module called FASTER, which is currently in operation. Since July, we will handle claims from 5 sector exporters in 5 sectors.

After the biggest month in August

The market opened on Monday and the bulls were in full control. The KSE-100 index climbed to 506 points tomorrow's high, but later reversed some gains, which rose 385 points (1.3%) from 30,057. Due to technical 'defects', the start of trading was delayed by 35 minutes, compensated by providing 15 minutes of additional time according to the rules Purchasing was found throughout, mainly in the exploration and production, banking, cement and steel sectors. The main reason for the index's rise is that a number of measures approved by the Pakistan Securities and Exchange Commission over the weekend helped investors take a positive view of stocks.

In addition, expectations for a drop in inflation have rekindled expectations for a cut in state bank policy rates. Last week, reports of the sale of oil and gas development companies and Pakistani oil threatened investors' sentiment. E & P was a leader with high share prices for both OGDC and PPL. It is noteworthy, however, that institutional investors, foreigners and mutual funds did not show much enthusiasm, but their purchases were limited to "individuals" who took new positions in $ 1.6 million worth of shares.

The volume traded at 77.4m, down 29.6pc Friday's Friday, and its value dropped to 16.5m, down 34.7pc. Shares that contributed significantly to Worldcall Telecom, Maple Leaf Cement, OGDC, K-Electric and TRG Pakistan formed a total of 39pc. By sector, investors' attention was witnessed in bank stocks where Habib, United, National and Alfalah were the main winners.

Cement strengthened with higher prices for Pioneer, Maple Leaf, Page, and DG Khan. The scripts that helped to boost the index the most were PPL, 3.7pc, Bank Al Habib 3.2pc, Fauji Fertilizer 1.9pc, United Bank 1.9pc, and Habib Bank 1.3pc.

The Pakistan Securities and Exchange Commission

The Pakistan Securities and Exchange Commission
The Pakistan Securities and Exchange Commission (SECP) concluded a reform agenda for capital markets following a series of meetings with market participants, at the request of stakeholders. The SECP chairman and senior executives met with the Stock Brokers Association on Friday to vouch for the measures adopted to ease business on the stock exchange.

The SECP chairman said

The reforms carried out by the top regulators informed the SBA with the aim of stabilizing the market, attracting liquidity, promoting business ease, revitalizing market development and restoring investor confidence. The reform agenda was concluded after taking into account the comments provided by other market participants, including senior management of large brokers, major corporations and financial institutions, and market infrastructure institutions.

The SECP introduced a Centralized Know-Your-Customer Organization (CKO) system to facilitate investors and ensure process transparency and efficiency, but brokers raised objections to the CKO system. While addressing various issues related to biometric authentication of stock market investors under CKO, regulators have placed the responsibility of biometric authentication on securities brokers.

These brokers asked the SECP to introduce a central database for biometrics to be conducted by the National Clearing Company (NCCPL) in Pakistan. NCCPL has offices in the stock exchange building and biometric authentication should be done in one place instead of independently checking by each broker,” said a PSX stock broker in Islamabad.

To increase the trading capacity of market participants

The SECP has approved an amendment to the NCCPL regulations: “Stop 10% additional margin collected from brokers and 10pc additional haircuts applied to marginable securities by NCCPL. Slabs for liquidity margins have been revised, and now apply only to bulk exposures in brokers, while credit ratings have been added during implementation of modified slabs to manage risk. First of all, SECP has approved Mura Baja stock financing rules for leverage financing of Sharia-compliant securities.

Amendments to the PSX regulations also addressed complaints from securities brokers regarding empty sales in the delivery futures contract market. The SECP also allowed the 'unblocking and commitment of margin financing securities' to meet the NCCPL margin requirements, and the requirement of the three-party agreement on margin financing has also been removed.

SECP responds to the needs of the corporate sector

Taking into account the transition from a rule-based corporate governance framework to a combination of mandatory and recommended practices, publicly traded companies (Code of Corporate Governance) regulations to accommodate international best practices and facilitate business operations, 2019. The SECP also decided that the government would exempt IFRS 16 from the government, as well as IFRS 16, for a limited period of three years – June 30, 2021, as well as debts from power supply chain companies.

To all companies with power purchase contracts before January 1 This exemption was made in light of the concerns expressed by the Company in relation to the material restrictions on the Company's applicability. At the same time, the Commission also took two steps to define a 'minimum brokerage commission committee' and the release of PSX shares belonging to a broker that could elicit strong reactions of some brokers, while other brokers are expected to support it.

The SECP argues that setting minimum commissions on stock selling and buying encourages market development and supports the commercial viability of the brokerage industry, while some brokers challenge the concept of competition and free market.

Steel mill in Pakistan

Nine (local time) accounting courts were arrested nine years later in a corruption case involving a former steel mill in Pakistan and 4.1 billion rupees. Former directors and executive directors, Moin Aftab Shaikh and Sameen Asghar, respectively, are reported to have misused their official authority and embezzled 19.4 billion rupees in raw material imports. Judge Pedro Reed Anwar Kazi of the Court of Accountability -IV convicted him after recording evidence and final arguments in prosecution and defense.

The judge noted that the prosecution failed to substantiate the claims made by the two former PSM officials. The court expelled them from all charges, bailed them and ordered the return of the guarantor. NAB has not proved prosecution of two former civil servants, even after nine years. The lawsuit against another suspect, Capt Rashid Abro, from M / s Noble Resources Singapore was fired from the case on May 22, 2013.

Advocates Shaukat Hayat and Khawaja Naveed Ahmed represented the defendants and Niaz Husain Mirani represented NAB. Initially, the Federal Investigation Agency began investigating allegations of fraud. In 2009, the Supreme Court initiated the Sumomoto litigation process for PSM affairs and transferred the investigation to NAB.

According to the prosecution, PSM executives have procured coke coal through a five-year long-term contract over the past 30 years, and prices have been adjusted according to average growth and decay rates for each subsequent contract year.

Glennies Creek Coke coal prices

Shipboard freight (FOB) prices for cargo shipped during each contract year have been adjusted from April of that year. Prosecutors claimed that PSM procured coke coal from four foreign shippers in the 2008-09 fiscal year: Australia's Anglo Coal, M / s West Farmers, M / s Teck Coal, Canada and M / s Vales. Former PSM Chairman Shake held a meeting on November 5, 2008 and said that a committee led by Managing Director Aghar at the time negotiated with foreign suppliers to lower raw material prices. Falling prices in the international market.

In addition, at a meeting on November 26, 2008, the PSM Board of Directors (BoD) announced that it has issued guidelines for the formation of a High Power Commission to negotiate the price of raw materials or cargo with foreign suppliers and shipping companies by offering discounts corresponding to the difference.

At the current rate

The prosecution said the board's instructions were not fulfilled by Chairman Shaikh and Asghar, which caused PSM to suffer huge losses as steel prices declined in the international market, but PSM must procure raw materials. Fixed rate on April 1, 2008, when price reached its peak. PSM received nine coal shipments in fiscal year 2008-09, and a forensic audit of the sawmill's financial issues showed that international coal prices during this period were $ 125.83 per ton and $ 128 USD. The two officials did not negotiate coal prices, resulting in a loss of 28 million rupees.

Since the POD ordered negotiations to lower the price on November 26, 2008, PSM only initiated three shipments out of nine coal shipments, prosecutors added that an international contract for two shipments was made two days before November 11. After this date, in 2008, where four shipments were made after April 1, 2009, when the applicable price was paid by PSM, 2008 was lower than the price paid for three shipments.

As a result, PSM lost 2.2 billion rupees

NAB noted that the accused did not form a high power commission to negotiate international import prices with suppliers and shippers under the direction of the board of directors, resulting in an adjustment loss of $ 24.762m. All accused accused of misusing their official authority and position, gaining excessive profits for themselves, and insisting that they did not deliberately exercise their power to prevent excessive gains or favors or translations to foreign suppliers.

However, all defendants with a common goal in bad luck, unpleasant motives and common goals, common sense and cooperation are illegal, illegal, fraudulent, deceptively prolonging false profits to suppliers and corresponding losses to PSM under the adjustment of Rs4 Caused.

19.2 billion They were accused of committing crimes against corruption and corruption practices that could be punished under section 10 (a) of the National Liability Act 1999.

Manchester City Champions Will Win their Second Victory

Manchester City Champions Will Win their Second Victory
While Sadio Mane and Roberto Firmino won 2-1 at Southampton, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang won 2-1 at Burnley on Saturday. Jurgen Klopp's side defeated Norwich 4-1 last season and won 11 Premier League titles in their first opening of the season. With the Reds convinced of the start of the season, Manchester City champions will win their second victory when hosting Tottenham on Saturday.

Senegal's winger mane

Liverpool led the strike in the first half of the first half to beat Senegal's winger mane, who scored twice with Chelsea in the European Super Cup in the first half of the week, to beat the club with a spin and a Curl strike. Firmino scored 2 goals for Liverpool's 49th league goal. Brazil took Mane's pass in 71 minutes, dribbling and then went home. Liverpool goalkeeper Adrian began despite an ankle injury when a fan injured his foot in a match against Chelsea in Istanbul. However, Adrian, represented by the injured Alison Becker, committed an empty offensive against Danny Ings in 83 minutes.

Gabon forward Aubameyang at Emirates Stadium was again Arsenal's winner. Aubameyang achieved his only goal in his victory over Newcastle over the weekend and imitated his decisive contribution with another decisive strike. The first goal of the season, Alexandre Lacazette, led Arsenal halfway before Ashley Barnes equalized Burnley. Not losing to the top four and losing to the Europa League final against Chelsea, taking Arsenal out of the Champions League, fans were frustrated and blamed the summer once again.

With two wins that started the season for the first time in 10 years, the Unai Emery team is making a promise to the Unai Emery team ahead of the stunner test for the next two games of Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur. Everton boss Marco Silva won 1-0 in Watford Park against Watford. Brazilian winger Bernard took Lucas Digne's pass and scored the first goal of the season after passing Ben Foster in 10 minutes at Goodison Park.

Brighton scored a 1-1 draw with West Ham at Amex Stadium, and four minutes later Javier Hernandez's 61-minute opener was canceled by Belgian winger Leandro Trossard. Bournemouth condemned Aston Villa for his second consecutive defeat with a 2-1 win. The side of Eddie Howe made a perfect start when Josh King went home from the penalty spot after Villa goalkeeper Tom Heaton fouled Callum Wilson.

Born in Liverpool

Harry Wilson made his first start by increasing Bournemouth's lead in 12 minutes at Villa Park. Wilson slipped and jumped in, throwing a long-range blast away from Villa's Tyron Mings. When Tottenham won his first game on the first flight, Villa withdrew one through Luiz in 71 minutes. Teemu Pukki hit the hat trick as Norwich won the first win of the season with a 3-1 victory over Newcastle on Carrow Road.

Pukki gave Norwich the best volley in 32 minutes and the Finnish striker scored three goals in two matches in 63 minutes. In 75 minutes, Pukki became the first Norwich player to score a Premier League highscore after Efan Ekoku in 1993. Jonjo Shelvey's strike time goal wasn't comforting for Newcastle.

Robert Lewandowski scored a hat trick

Robert Lewandowski scored a hat trick and Philippe Coutinho made his Bundesliga debut on Saturday when Bayern Munich won 3-0 at Schalke. Coutinho, who completed his loan in Barcelona on Monday, went to unhappy Thomas uller, who had more than 30 minutes left, but had to be satisfied with the role that starred with when Lewandowski stole the limelight. I was only here for 3-4 days. This game is very intense, ”said Coutinho. "You must try hard. I will.

Lewandowski started scoring with a penalty in the 20th minute, doubled Bayern's lead with a brilliant free kick in the 50th and claimed the fifth league goal in both matches with 75 excellent turns and finishes. The Polish striker, who scored all of Bavaria's league goals, started the season with a 3-1 victory over Energie Cottbus in the German Cup. Schalke, who played his first Bundesliga game at home under the supervision of new coach David Wagner, broke two handball penalty decisions that seemed to be on his way to Bavaria with minimal VAR intervention.

Levandowski began the first warning shot that was easily handled by Alexander Nubel, who was touted Bavaria's Manuel Neuer's successor. Nubel, age 22, had a Schalke contract duration of one year and had little intention of extending the contract. Schalke's goalkeeper responded wisely to save Lewandowski's next effort at close range on the 17th. A breakthrough came when Jonjoe Kenny brought Kingsley Coman out of the area and Lewandowski scored on the spot.

Schalke fans tended not to be penalized in the second half when Weston McKennie fell and the ball hit Benjamin Pavard's arm. Bavarian Niko Kovac hired Coutinho and Ivan Perisic for their debut. Perisic missed the ball with his arm and was the player. There was no VAR intervention again. Lewandowski eliminated hope for the home team as a third goal.

Manchester City topped the Premier League on Saturday

After Manchester United and Chelsea lost 4-0 at Brighton & Hove Albion as they lost a disappointing draw between Southampton and Sheffield United. Leicester City rose to third place with Fox undefeated by the season, when Jamie Bodie scored 3-1 over AFC Bournemouth, and Crystal Palace and West Ham United won fourth place. Victory paid the price as Aymeric Laporte dropped off with a knee injury and was expected to take the first cap of France in the Euro 2020 Qualifier soon. Since midfielder Fernandinho had to be substituted for the last 52 minutes.

City would regret not buying a replacement for Captain Vincent Kompany who left from the centerback. However, Aguero threw high into the net just before the break, making the game safe, and made another sublime finish, curling it into the second half for the second 10 minutes. Then Bernard Silva Silva finished the champion's scoring.

Union Shrimp Continue

How United have a 1-1 draw in St Ham, despite the time that United has stopped after receiving Kevin Danso's red card in the past 17 minutes, Southampton have scored a 1-1 draw to save some of their local rival firepower. How wanted Daniel James gave the visitors a perfect start with their third goal in United's four appearances, but Jannik Vestergaard headed for the equalizer just before the time mark. The men of Ole Gunnar Solsk Haer have not won the last three games and have only won one of the last 10 games dating back to last season.

Solskjaer says, “We have an edge, we are creating opportunities, and we haven't clinically worked to set goals to win the game. This is not a drop in form, but a drop in results. Blade Blunt Chelsea. After scoring his first Chelsea goal in Norwich last weekend, Tommy Abraham scored twice before the break and thought he had all three blues at Shepard United's home. But Blade Robinson and Kurt Zouma's own goal in the second half ended 2-2 after two minutes.

As United and Chelsea fall, Leicester is the closest challenger to the top two until Jamie Bode scores twice and scores another goal against Jill Tillemans, but Brendan Rogers's teammates are tilly in another controversial VAR call. Mans did not see red.

Vardy scored in a marvelous way

Knocking Aaron Ramsdale out of the box, but Bournemouth leveled it up with a neat finish from Callum Wilson. Tielemans homed Vardy's low cross to regain Reddy's edge, but Belgium would have been dispatched to make Wilson a high challenge. However, after the VAR review, the original decision that allowed Tielemans to escape from the unpunished stand was that Vardy blocked the point 17 minutes later.

Crystal Palace triumphed over Old Trafford last weekend with a 1-0 victory over Aston Villa, 10 of Jordan Ayew's 10th goal last weekend. However, Villa, who had been sent off by the international Trezeguet of Egypt in the second half, felt anxious when Henry Lancebury's late goal was sharply ruled out before reaching midfielder Jack Grenisch.

West Ham also scored seven points in four matches with Sebastian Haller's half-time goal and Andriy Yarmolenko scored more comfortably 2-0 than Norwich. Watford gained the first spot of the season but stayed bottom in a 1-1 draw at Newcastle United.

PML Nawaz has Asked Rulers to Resign to National Interests

PML Nawaz has Asked Rulers to Resign to National Interests
Pakistan's Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) has asked rulers to resign to national interests, claiming that the government's "record financial mistake" has put the economy of the country one step away from irreversible bankruptcy. Total surrender of Pakistan's sovereignty and strategic assets. PML-N Secretary-General Ahsan Iqbal Former Prime Minister and Prime Minister of Information Mariam Aurangzeb and former Prime Minister Mohammad Zubair, former Prime Minister Mohammad Zubair At a press conference.

Pakistan's Taqeek-I-Insaf

Pakistan's Taqeek-I-Insaf (PTI) was busy attracting public attention at the expense of political opponents only through false corruption. Iqbal points out that growth, fiscal deficits and inflation are key areas, and that PTI has not only maintained its previous figures, but also caused record declines in all three areas. He said that unprecedented growth in all countries has plunged more than 3% in a year. The PML-N leader said inflation rose from 3pc to over 13pc, which is fatal when combined with low growth and fiscal deficits.

He asked the PTI regime to resign in parliament to share the actual rescue plan or save the country. Zubair said he believed the government had no economic plans at all, so he no longer had to take time. Even after recording a record deficit in the fourth quarter, he congratulated the prime minister and his cabinet and said he had no idea how the economy worked. Marriyum Aurangzeb said that "the inability, inadequacy and clue of the chosen prime minister and his imposed regime" led the country to the gates of hell.

Despite the "record borrowing, record development cuts, record inflation, record tax increases and record rupee devaluations," she regretted that the regime could not achieve its own goals sufficient for the "shame administration" to resign. The poor in this country are buried with a 200pc increase in gas prices, a 35pc increase in electricity bills, causing 1.5 million unemployed and pushing 4.5m below the poverty line, but the rich have reached 300 billion rupiah in taxes and fines.

While maintaining the corruption of more than 1 trillion rupees of the Peshawar metro and spending 100 billion rupees more than government spending, calling on the responsibilities of the Lahore, Multan and Rawalpindi subway projects, jeopardizing the austerity circus is a symbol of PTI's hypocrisy. " She said.

The government on Monday

The government advocated a decision to pay large corporations about Rs 220 billion in a US $ 440 billion bill under the Gas Infrastructure Development Seth (GIDC). Revenue Source. Energy Minister Omar Ayub Khan hastened to a joint press conference that the GIDC Waiver Ordinance along with Prime Minister Petro Biam Bavarar is following this pattern. GIDC (Revised) Act introduced by the PML-N Government for a similar agreement with the CNG sector.

The minister must submit to the forensic audit to determine whether the fertilizer industry has collected GIDCs from farmers, and if so, how much of that should be returned to farmers through future price adjustments or the government treasury. Ayub said, “All industries belonging to the GIDC and the disputes in court must sign a formal agreement to withdraw the case from the court, pay upfront 50PCs in advance within 90 days and use half of the GIDC rates in the future.

Those who choose not to offer the option can freely court proceedings, but they are not entitled to lower rates when the case is decided. The contract is a work of Asad Umar and Razak Dawood. President Baba pointed out that the 1,472 million rupees collected between 2011 and 2014 were declared by the Pakistan Supreme Court as the very highest in the Constitution, but they mislead that the government had chosen 220 billion rupees for 224 billion rupees.

As a result, 270 billion rupees were uncertain due to stay orders and judges' observations in various high courts. Baba adds, “Because we are streamlining our future income stream, we are ending the uncertainty of 227 billion rupees by guaranteeing an expected recovery of 223 billion rupees The government actually recovered according to the court's ruling, where the total bill does not exceed 15 pcs and 85 pcs may take 8-10 years, and it is unclear which direction this decision will proceed.

42 Billion rupees per year instead of 15 billion

He said, The government has collected 42 billion rupees per year instead of 15 billion rupees.” The government believed that the previous GIDC rates were higher and should be rationalized. Interestingly, the government raised 25 billion rupees for the target 100 billion rupees last year and set a goal of 30 billion rupees in 2019-20. He said that [Baba] and Omar Ayub did not participate in negotiations with the industry that led to the current consensus, but former Treasury Secretary Asad Umar and Managing Director Abdul Razak Aloud And finalized the ordinance.

Fatima and Enro fertilizers have exceeded US $ 660 billion rupees, so now you have to pay 330 billion rupiah. He believed that the current government has been given a fixed gas rate by the PPP government for 10 years and should not be covered by GIDC because two years of this period still remain. Babar has destroyed a total of 419 billion rupees, excluding 141 million rupees.

He said the old fertilizer plant would have to pay 71 billion rupees and now 35 billion rupees, and the new fertilizer plant (Engro and Fatima) will pay 65 billion rupees and a lower rate at the end of the 10-year protection period. Said to pay 32 billion rupees to ensure. Currently 4.3 billion rupees were superior to the general industry, which will pay about 21 billion rupees.

There are 10 billion rupees for IPP, 34 billion rupees for K-Electric, 300 billion rupees for Wapda Gencos, and 78 billion rupees for the CNG sector. The IPP will now pay Rs50bn, KE Rs17bn, Gencos Rs15bn and CNG Sector Rs37bn. He said recovery from CNG cannot be refunded to consumers because so many people have participated, but this amount can be deposited with the government.

He explained that outstanding funds for IPPs or other power plants were not withheld to investors or companies because they pass through items approved by regulators and can only be adjusted through regulatory mechanisms.

Ex-Wapda Distribution Companies

Ex-Wapda Discos sought an increase of Rs1.93 per unit of consumer tariff due to monthly fuel price adjustments higher than expected generation costs. The National Power Authority (Nepra) will file a public hearing on Sept. 4 on a petition for a consumer tariff increase from Watpo's former power distribution company (Discos) on the adjustment of fuel costs in power consumption in July. With the approval of the regulatory authorities, high electricity rates will be recovered from consumers in the coming billing month.

On behalf of Discos, the Central Power Purchasing Agency (CPPA) charged an additional fee of Rs1.93 per unit, in accordance with the basic tariff 2015-16. The CPPA in the petition in July charged consumers with a base tariff of Rs3.54 per unit, while the actual fuel cost turned out to be Rs5.46 per unit, so it should be able to recover Rs1.93 per additional cost. From consumers next month.

The total energy production from all sources in July is 14,231 GWh, Rs74.90bn and the average fuel cost per unit is Rs5.26. About 13,788 GWh was sold to Discos for Rs 75.41bn. Hydropower accounted for the largest share of about 32.53pc in total production in July. Since then, about 25pc in RLNG-based power generation, coal-based plants ranked third with 14.33pc share.

Locally produced gas-based electricity production amounted to 12pc, nuclear power accounted for 5.81pc, after which 5.5ppm consisted of furnace oil infrastructure. The share of wind power plants stood at 4.2pc. There was no fuel cost for hydropower, but the coal-based fuel cost was Rs5.6 per unit. The furnace oil-based plant produced electricity at a cost of Rs14.9 per unit.

The cost of nuclear fuel was found to be Rs1.022 Paisa per unit, and the power produced at the sugar mill accounted for less than 1pc with a fuel cost of Rs6.2 per unit. Electricity imported from Iran cost Rs11.57 per unit, with a total production share of 0.38pc. Wind produced 2.01pc electricity at zero fuel costs, while a 0.42pc contribution was again provided free from solar energy.

High tariff adjustments are not billed to lifeline consumers using up to 50 cars per month, but all other consumers in all categories, including industrial sectors and agricultural wells, must bear additional burden. The revised fee does not apply to K-Electric consumers.

This Years Final Grand Slam Showdown Began

This Years Final Grand Slam Showdown Began
Many young rivals hope to thwart the Big Three's dominance in men's tennis, but Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer remain US open favorites. This year's final grand slam showdown began on Monday at the Flushing Meadows Hard Court and combined with the top-ranked Zoković, 20-time Grand Slam Champion Federer and Spanish Superstar Nadal to achieve the last 11 Grand Slam titles. Federer (38) is not a problem for the dominance of sports elders who together own 54 of the past 65 slam titles.

I don't think it's a problem Federer says

Novak, Rafa and I are now healthy again, and Andy Murray has also returned slowly, making it harder for young people to come in. They are obviously knocking on the big door. I think it's very encouraging for people who want to win. I don't think Novak's rule or Rapa's rule is normal in tennis. I think there will be a chance to come forward, but the kind of tennis they played in recent years is not surprising. The Swiss compatriot Stan. Wawrinka, whose British wounded Murray won three slam crowns during the Big Three rule, is also likely to throw a tertiary father, but the familiar face It seems to be lifting the US Open Trophy.

Federer says, “Yes. This time the same guys seem to like it again this time. "You will be surprised if someone wins. Defending champion Djokovic, pursuing the 17th career grand slam title, won four of the last five slams that were rejected only by Nadal's French Open win last May. The 32-year-old Serbian said that for many years he had adapted to additional pressure on the defense. Defending the Grand Slam title is the most difficult task," he said. This is the tournament you want to win the most.

This is where you want to shine. Nadal, 33, played impressively in the Rome, French Open, Montreal title and Federer's mble Bleddon semifinals. Nadal said, “It helps to get to the big event with good feelings. “Feel positive, remember positive in my mind. It helps to gain confidence. I feel good now. I'm practicing well all week.

Nadal, the 18th Grand Slam winner, who won the 12th French Open title in June, was far less than half compared to Federer and Djokovic. Daniil Medvedev of Russia enjoyed the outstanding US Open Open, winning Cincinnati and finishing second in Washington and Montreal. Austria's fourth seed Dominic Thiem lost to Nadal in the Roland Garros final and will be a threat.

Germany's sixth place Alexander Zverev warned not to ignore other seeds, such as Japan's seventh place Kei Nishikori, the 2014 US Open runner-up, and Greece's eighth place Stefanos Tsitsipas.

Serena's Spotlight

Serena Williams won the US Open's attention as he followed tennis history, but many Grand Slam winners and high ranking contenders are also aiming for this title. The 37-year-old American will be in the spotlight in the first round night match against Russia Maria Sharapova, the most anticipated female opener. Top defender champion Naomi Osaka, who beat Williams at the US Open Finals last year, said, “Of course I will see it. “I think everyone in New York will see it. Williams will try to capture the 24th Grand Slam single title to achieve the best record set by Margaret Court.

Eighth Williams, who can meet Australia's Ashleigh Barty, the second French Open champion in the quarter finals, has not won a slam since the Australian Open in 2017 during pregnancy and was defeated in the US Open Finals last year in Osaka. Last month, there was a Wibden final to Simona Halep in Romania. Karolina Pliskova, the third seed of Barty, Osaka, Halep and Czech, is one of those who attempt to reject Williams again in pursuit of the first Slam title.

She claims to not dominate her thoughts. Williams has not been taken over by Canada's Bianca Andreescu title due to convulsions since retiring from the WTA Toronto finals. Andres Kuo said, "If you manage your body physically, you can do really well. Sloane Stephens, 2017 US Open Winner, said, “She will do great as always. Osaka won the finals last year after referee Carlos Ramos gave Williams a game penalty after US Open officials decided not to participate in a match against Serena or Venus Williams at the US Open this year.

Osaka was better suited

This time Osaka was better suited to open despite the first Wi-Bldon crash. Last year I wanted one game because I lost three games in a row before coming here. Then I just continued to develop it, ”she said. This is the first time Osaka has defended a slam, but this is my first taste of defending the title at Indian Wells this year. Halle, who crashed at the US Open in the first round for the past two years, entered with confidence after beating Williams at mble Bladon.

Haleb said, "It's no worse than losing the first two years. I'm really good. I feel healthy. I feel fresh. The pressure to do something special has disappeared. Now comes the bonus. I'm still working and I'm still motivated to get the title. I began to feel more and more able to do that and my confidence was very high. Barty says, “There hasn't been a big change for me since her title at Roland Garros. I come here and do my best.

The Antals Integrity Unit

The world's 800m champion Marina Arzamasova was temporarily suspended because of doping after a positive test for a developing drug popular with bodybuilders. The Antals Integrity Unit (AIU) notified the charges to 31-year-old Arzama Soba on Tuesday a month before the World Championships in Doha, Qatar. The AIU has confirmed a temporary suspension for Belarus's mid-range runner Marina Arzamasova in violation of the IAAF anti-doping rule," he said on Twitter.

Arzamasova, who is from Belarus, won the 800m gold medal at the 2015 World Championships in Beijing and was a European champion in 2014. She finished seventh in the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics. AIU said that Arzamasova's case is related to LGD-4033, also known as Ligandrol. The drug was used in clinical trials to treat muscle wasting conditions.

It is known to be used as a supplement by bodybuilders to make muscle mass with fewer side effects than steroids. Meanwhile, AIU retested the sample at the 2011 World Championships and found that Antai Semenov was banned by Ukrainian authorities for two years. Semenov was positive for the anabolic steroid oral turinabol and was banned until July 21, 2021.

The 35-year-old Semenov competed in the 2008 and 2012 Olympics. AIU supervises the issue of integrity of the movement, including doping, on behalf of the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF), the global governance body of sports.

The Classy Virat Kohli Upgraded Chris Gayle

The Classy Virat Kohli Upgraded Chris Gayle
The classy Virat Kohli upgraded Chris Gayle, which was rampant as India defeated the West Indies with six wickets on Wednesday, the third and last day international at Queen's Park Oval in Trinidad. After Gayle blazed 72 by turning the 7th homeside to 240 at 35 overovers, he set a modified goal of 255 based on the DLS scoring method. Kohli is an invincible 114-his second consecutive ODI back-15 extra balls, grouping 4 players into 256 teams.

Man of the Match and Man of the Series

In his 14th cannon and 99 balls, 43 ODI back-off 99 balls affected the series as a whole, doubling the acclaim of 'Man of the Match' and 'Man of the Series'. A flat chase took place in the sky and India struck 2-0 after their first game last week in Guyana with floodlights on. Jane on Collie's pursuit of another success will cause Jason Holder and his West Indies team to warn the Indian captain what to offer with bats in two upcoming tests in Antigua and Jamaica. It was important to switch big innings in this series, but I have to admit to Shreyas (Iyer) 's role in these two matches. He gave himself a big case after winning.

We also did a really good job of keeping the West Indies at a level that was totally manageable. However, the inning of the inning ended, but when champion Batman was held on the 11th, the pioneer Shai Hope lost the direct opportunity missed by Keemo Paul in all rounds. He has received excellent support from Shreyas Iyer for 120 innings in three thirds, as well as in previous matches, with 65 innings of 41 balls in 65 innings, with 65 innings decisively declining India's way as the left arm spinner Fabian Allen shook briefly.

Fired Shikhar Dhawan and Rishabh Pant the same. Alan also influenced the fall of the hit Sharma as the first wicket in the inning, but was unable to complete seven assignments due to injuries to guard the boundary. While Kohli held a rally at the end of the game, Gayle was the first to steal the show. Gale has earnestly condemned Indian bowling players after the holder selected his first batter, with his final ODI potential in 20 years of international career hoping to represent the Caribbean while defending the World T20 title for 14 months in Australia.

Occupies only 41 balls with 5 6, 8 4 and distinguishes his typical breeding innings. The opening partner, Evin Lewis, made bold attempts with the most destructive power heaters in the international competition, and 43 innings were decorated with 3-6, 5-4 in 29 deliveries. Their shock brought the West Indies to 114 after 10 overovers, with the 10 most productive start to ODI since the 2015 World Cup.

But Lewis was then bowled by Yuzvendra Chahal, who turned his legs, and Gail struck Cali Ahmed. When he left the stadium, the way Indian players rated the 39-year-old inning and his appreciation of the applause he started left a clear impression that he had his final ODI innings.

Heavy price payment

A long non-strike followed and the West Indies lost their wickets in a mad sortie to run to resume. Ahmed brought two more turnstiles to become the most successful bowler. Mohammed Shami picked up two turnstiles, but whirlwinds (Chhal, Kedar Jadhav, Yuzvendra Chahal) were the most economical in India during the frenzied innings. Holder evaluated his team's efforts and said, "We paid the price to stop Collie today, but we felt that we weren't as executed as the bowling unit. There is still a lot of work to be done at every level of cricket and we need to switch quickly through the test series starting next week.

India's wicket Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Dhoni was a remarkable omission announced by the Cricket Committee on Thursday 20th in a squad for the third month next month against South Africa in the squad. Donny traveled to West Indies in India as he began to serve as honorary colonel in the army, while patrolling in conflicting Jammu and Kashmir. There was also speculation that India would retire after struggling after the elimination of the semifinals in the recently finalized World Cup. Aside from the inclusion of all-round Hardik Pandya on behalf of fast bowler Bhuvneshwar Kumar, the team hasn't changed with the team that won the T20 Series 3-0 in the Caribbean.

India beats South Africa in Dharamsala (September 15), Mohali (September 18) and Bangalore (September 22). Components: Virat Kohli (Captain), Rohit Sharma (Captain), Shikhar Dhawan, K.L. Rahul, Shreyas Iyer, Manish Pandey, Rishabh Pant (wicket-keeper), Hardik Pandya, Ravindra Jadeja, Krunal Pandya, Washington Sundar, Rahul Chahar, Khaleel Ahmed, Deepak Chahar, Navdeep Saini.

Captain Jason Holder of the West Indies

Jason Holder eventually won the fight against Virat Kohli in India, but tourists came fifth in the stump on the opening day of the second and final test series at Sabina Park on Friday, finishing fifth in the stump. Collie led the workers-like effort at India's top orders with carefully crafted innings, seeking 28 victories over Mahendra Singh Dhoni, with 28 wins except for two consecutive knockouts. 76. Folded in four hours to meet the 163 delivery deadlines, the holder's dismissal at the last session held at the ticket gates seems to have given the West Indies an opportunity to limit their opponent's progress in Jamaica.

But Hanuma Bihari (42 eyes) and young wicket / Batman Lee Shabu Pants (27 eyes) still stayed together to leave the homeside with considerable effort, seeking a series of levelings in their first innings in India. A week before, 318 victories in the first test held in Antigua. Vihari and Pant already resume in the second morning with a sixth place partnership of 62 runs. Holder's Collie dismissal offered the seam bowler the third turnstile.

With the extra burden on strike baller Shannon Gabriel's lack of stamina, the home captain ended the day with three impressive figures out of 20 trained overhead 39. At green pitch, it was Holder who made a breakthrough on his side after putting India on the start date. He was attacked in 30 minutes and eliminated K.L. Rahul made his first debut with a brief catch of Rahkeem Cornwall, who debuted at the first slip.

One of the two new to the senior international cricket of Homeside, a 26-year-old off-spinning all-rounder weighing 143kg, made his first success with the ball as he extended the run of Cheteshwar Pujara. Batman, who scored low in the series, was caught in the second half, which incorrectly cut Cornwall's third place by Shamarh Brooks.

Kohli joined Mayank Agarwal, and the third Jack controlled the situation either progressively at 69 points either way during lunch. Agarwal reached the third and a half century of his international career before becoming the holder's second turnstile through another first slip catch of tilling Cornwall. Cornwall replaced medium-sized Miguel Cummins in the first test.

Shay Hope failed his fitness test

Shane Dowrich, who was drafted as a wicket in the game for a general injury, Shay Hope failed his fitness test for the damaged hand, and Jama Hamilton was in a senior match in the US Virgin Islands. Became the first cricketer to participate. West Indies level. India kept the same team clean and clean all completed internationals of this campaign and clean the test series for the first time in the Caribbean. There was a worrying moment when the captain of the West Indies and batting legend Sir Vivian Richard was kicked out for treatment when he got sick with help from the scene.

Richard appears to be affected by the intense heat of the morning while working as a commentator on the television coverage of the series and participating in pre-match preliminary coverage. Medical officials confirmed the situation to the legendary Batman as a case of heat stroke and understand that he is recovering well.

Score board

India 1st inning
  • K.L. Rahul c cornwall b holder 13
  • A. Agarwal c Cornwall b holder 55
  • C.A. Fujara c brooks b cornwall 6
  • V. collie c hamilton b holder 76
  • morning. La Hane c Hamilton b Roach 24
  • G.H. Bihari Out 42
  • R.R. No pants coming out 27

Extras (B-8, LB-13) 21
Total (5wkt, over 90) 264

Drops in WKTS: 1-32, 2-46, 3-115, 4-164, 5-202. Bat: R.A. Jadeja, I. Sharma, Mohammed Shami, J.J. Bum. Bowling (current): Roach 19-7-47-1; Gabriel 12-0-57-0; Holder 20-6-39-3; Cornwall 27-8-69-1; Chase 12-4-31-0. West Indies: K.C. Brathwaite, J.D. Campbell, S.S.J. Brooks, D.M. Bravo, J.N. Hamilton, S.O. Hetmyer, R.L. Chase, J. O. Holder, R.R.S. Cornwall, K.A.J. Cockroaches, S.T. Gabriel.

India is Getting Negative Publicity in International Media

India is Getting Negative Publicity in International Media
Kashmir's current crisis has opened. India is getting negative publicity in international media. In a speech on the topic 'Kashmir is burning' at the PMA house on Saturday evening, former Ambassador and diplomat Shy de Amin pointed out. By abandoning Articles 370 and 35-A of the Indian Constitution, Prime Minister Amin has restricted the autonomy of the Kashmir people.

The Ambassador gave the reasons

After revealing the origins of the Kashmir issue since the independence of Pakistan and India, the Ambassador gave the reasons for discarding the above mentioned article. He argued that Indian Hindu nationalists were always dissatisfied with Kashmir's autonomy. They did not admit that Urdu was the official language of the region or that people outside of Kasmisris could not own land there. Therefore, the idea was to change the situation of Kashmir demographically. Amin says Hindu nationalists have gained power in India and can now be seen in the form of BJP. 

They believe in Hindu Ba's philosophy that "Hindustan belongs to Hinduism. They consider Muslims as invaders that destroyed India. Muslims in India don't feel threatened, so I don't like why they hate Muslims. The 650 Indian Parliament has nearly 25 Muslims. As a rule, Muslims are not represented by population in any sector. Muslims do not easily get a residence. And a mob of Muslims arose. Amin says BJP has won several recent elections on an anti-Muslim agenda. There is also an agenda against Pakistan. BJP followers cannot tolerate Pakistan and think Pakistan belongs to Akhand Bharat.

Therefore, it is an extremist Hindu spirit hiding behind the cessation of knights. Trump's offer to mediate has caused Mody to take action sooner or later. Amin says US President Donald Trump doesn't want two nuclear conflicts between India and Pakistan. The international community is also concerned. Trump's proposal for arbitration probably made it a step where Modi had to take a little longer sooner or later.

The answer is that, unlike 2014

People often ask why Modi didn't do that in 2014. The answer is that, unlike 2014, BJP won a majority in 2019. “Modi has an active personality. He thinks he is the person who acts. [But] the reality is that this is a desperate action like a gambler's action that we can't say with certainty about what's going to happen. He would have opened Pandora's box. Amin said at least two positives came from all. The first is that in Kashmir there were pro-Indian people like Sheikh Abdullah. They too became anti-indians.

All Kashmiris is now unified with a semi-Indian feel. There has been a curfew for the past 25 days. ”Secondly, internationally, the Kashmir issue is moving towards a central stage. More benefits than ever before. As a result, Pakistan was able to pass this on to the UN Security Council. Amin said the Islamic countries did not support Pakistan on this issue. The UAE gave Modi the highest prize. Disappointing But it's not OIC that failed because it's an institution. Failed OIC member.

OIC members do not have unity

There are ideas around the world about what's happening in Kashmir. They are intentionally blinded. National interests dictate policy. Ideology and sentiment act as subsidiaries or peripherals that play that role. Prime Minister Amin is nuclear, but economically weak. Currently, the Pakistani government is doing well [to improve the economy], but for many years the country has been looted and its priorities are wrong.

Where is the state cohesion?” He said. Amin said there is no need to be discouraged. The door is open. India is doing negative publicity in the media. When Kashmir's curfew is lifted, Kasmir's will come out tremendously and there is a possibility of a confrontation with the Indian army. Kashmiri people's spirit of freedom is gaining strength.

I will think again in India. “We [India and Pakistan] are two nuclear powers. Do not talk loosely about war. Nuclear war cannot be won and should not be fought. The lecture was organized in collaboration with the Pakistan Medical Association by the Irtiqa Institute of Social Sciences.