Atikquz Zaman Expressed Disappointment for the PCB

Former Sunday wicket and hitter Atikquz Zaman expressed disappointment for the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), who overlooked him as a coach under the 19-year-old cricket team. Zaman said in a telephone interview with us that the board had "thanked" that he regarded himself as a job, but still "shocked and disappointed" with the final decision.

Players and coaches

Thanks to the PCI for making me think it's worth putting them in parentheses like Saqlain Mushtaq and Ijaz Ahmed. They've earned their names as players and coaches, but my CV is better than both when it comes to qualifications and experience. Strong. I'm disappointed, but I'm not disappointed because I'm familiar with Pakistani culture. People don't have high expectations at first because they prefer names that are bigger than technology. It's like selling the same old stuff on a new package. You can't expect different results by repeating the same procedure.

You'll have to try something different to get different results. Try new ideas. Zaman insisted that he wanted to work for the youth, not the "job seekers." Zaman was convinced that it would be the choice of PCB after working at the domestic level in the past. I worked for the county on the women's team in Pakistan's domestic level, the U19 level, Pakistan and Lancashire. I have experience working with elite athletes from the UK and Pakistan, ”Zaman said.

I think if the PCB really wants to change, it should have given young blood a chance. But I don't always believe in young blood, as in the case of PCBs, ”he mourned. He told the PCB, "I will give me feedback on what went wrong when the opportunity comes in the next interview." He also congratulated Ahmed for finding a job.

I wish Ijaz bhai good luck. I saw his interview. He was very motivated to me. I think we should give him a chance. Last month PCB announced the appointment of Ahmed as senior coach of the U-19 cricket team. Former Batman has been coaching since 2009 and previously served as senior coach for the Pakistan-A and U-19 teams.

Pakistan's young multi-purpose Shadab Khan

Shadab Khan was eager to test cricket on his soil, but it was also a pleasure to see at least a short version of international cricket back in the country. Shadab said Sri Lanka did not participate in a test competition that was scheduled to be held in the UAE last December, but spoke with reporters after participating in a pre-season training camp at the NCA under the supervision of former captain Misbah-ul-Haq. Pakistan, however, competed in a shorter version of the game and called it good news. Leg Spinner said, "I was very happy that Pakistani cricketers played in front of our audience.

The news that "[Sri Lanka does not play" is a bit disappointing, but in Pakistan it is better to have at least shorter international matches. Shadap, 20, who answered the question, said he was trying to be a useful weapon for a test team in Pakistan. I had a lot of white ball matches and five tests. Therefore, we need to improve our bowling and batting to solidify our place in the test cricket.

Since coming to international cricket in 2017, Shadab has done 41 ODIs and 32 20s, but he has averaged 38.83 points in five trials with 12. I only charged the ticket gate. Shadab, who represented Pakistan at this year's ICC World Cup in the UK and Wales, said he went through several essential medical tests after a quick recovery from the virus-related illness he suffered a few weeks before the mega incident. Nothing wrong.

Shadab admitted that performance declined gradually after the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy (after Pakistan defeated India), but added that he was trying to reinvent himself by improving a technique called "essential to sustain international cricket. Shadab said that according to Misbah's coaching, the former skipper would learn more cricket because he had extensive experience with international and domestic cricket.

The Pakistan Hockey Federation

Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) has decided to increase the number of selection committee members from four to six, and former Olympic athletes Kaleemullah and Nasir Ali are expected to join the committee next week. The PHF announced four committees last month by Olympia Manju Le Junior. A PHF official who spoke of anonymity said he decided to expand the membership of the selection committee to select more of Pakistan's two famous victories, the former Olympic athletes who served in the 1984 Olympics and World Cup.

Victory in 1994. Kaleem and Nasir won the last gold medal by Pakistan as part of the 1984 Olympics. Wasim Feroze, who won the 1994 World Cup, has already been selected as a selector. After retiring from international hockey in 1988, Kaleemullah was not seen in hockey circles, but PHF and senior selector Manzoor Junior tried to convince him to come to the national game and resume the game.

Kaleemullah scored the winner in the Los Angles Olympic final against Germany, which was extended by an overtime extension, and eventually Pakistan won 2-1. Kaleemullah scored 97 goals in 176 international matches. He was also a member of the Pakistani team that won the 1982 World Cup. In 1984, the President of Pakistan won the Pride of Performance award.

However, Kaleemullah's older brother, the legendary hockey player Samiullah, reluctant to join the PHF and has been strongly criticized for the federation and its way of work for the past few years. Nasir served as PHF as a national female hockey team coach and former national junior selection committee member.

Upcoming South Asian Games 2019

Meanwhile, hockey was excluded as an upcoming South Asian Games 2019 event after the host country Nepal failed to lay down the celestial grass. So Pakistan's next challenge is now to qualify for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Pakistan had to deposit a fine of US $ 15,000 out of a total of $ 50,000 last week to qualify for the Olympic qualifying.

FIH fined Pakistan for a total of $ 100,000 for failing to fulfill its international commitment to place teams in the professional hockey league earlier this year. However, in the total amount, the PHF ordered game development to spend half that amount at grassroots levels across the country and pay the other half in three installments.
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