Foreign Minister Shahmeh Mud Kuresi told Non Muslims

Foreign Minister Shahmeh Mud Kuresi told non-Muslims in solidarity with the Kashmir brothers in Saturday's solidarity with the Kashmir brothers, speaking to members of the Hindu community at Shiv Mosque on Saturday. Mr. Kuresi said, "This public meeting was not political in nature. It gave a clear message to the Fascist Modi government that Hindus and other non-Muslims expressed solidarity with Kasmir." Negotiate with India.

He added that in Kashmir, which India holds

He cannot suppress Kasmir's voice, which has been curfew for weeks. He added that India made futile efforts to keep the European Union from accepting Pakistan's request for a discussion on Pakistan. September 2 Kashmir issue. The next day, people said they would gather in London Hyde Park to meet with high-ranking Indian commissioners, human rights activists and members of the British Parliament on the Kashmir issue. He added that he would go to Geneva soon to announce the Kashmir incident. Pakistani Hindus and other non-Muslims have spoiled Modi's evil designs.

And at the UN General Assembly on September 27, when the Prime Minister Imran Khan announced the Kashmir incident, the world would watch. FM Qureshi told the Umerkot people that they had come to the Indian border area under the direction of the chief leader who could not visit Sindh due to the urgent contract in Islamabad. Sindh's Umerkot and Tharparkar areas are inhabited by Hindu population close to the Indian border.

The meeting gave Modi and Jai Shan Kar a strong message that they could not stand before the people of Kashmiri, but Pakistan's foreign minister stood with Hindu help," he said. He said the Indian government prevented Kasumiris from praying, but in Pakistan, all non-Muslims are free to go to chapel. "You abandoned the mosque there, but the temple is respected in Pakistan. He said he came to this area with a message of harmony between humanity, brotherhood, and religion.

Kashmir, which has been held in India for the last 26 days, has been subject to curfew and does not allow access to medicines, food and other essential products. “Even elected representatives of India could not enter Kashmir,” because Modi wanted to prevent a serious violation of human rights in the valley where it was held.

Pakistani's religious freedom

Nehru and Gandhi's philosophy was buried and replaced by RSS in India, he added: “Pakistani's religious freedom is protected by the Constitution, but the Kasimirs in the valleys that have been retained have been deprived of this right by the Government of India. FM Kuresh says the Indian government has banned international valleys and human rights groups from visiting open valleys, but Pakistan has invited Azad Jammu and Kashmir to visit.

He said Pakistan has protected the rights of Hindus and other non-Muslim communities, and that practice will continue as if not only the government but also the Muslim people fully realized their responsibilities. He accused the Indian media of propaganda based on the BBC story that Pakistan attempted to negotiate. "No one," he added.

In an interview with the BBC, Kuresi said Pakistan had never opposed a dialogue with Kashmir, but he had curfew in Kashmir, India, and he was concerned about the conversation with people struggling for life, gang rap and detention. I said I didn't see it.

The talks can be made if India lifts the terrible curfew imposed on Kashmir residences for almost four weeks, restores the rights of local residents, frees the entire imprisoned Kashmiri leadership and meets (Kuresi). With the Kashmiri leadership.

Foreign Minister Omer said in dealing with the congregation in Umercourt, it will stimulate the evil design and desires of the Modi government. He suggested that the Prime Minister of India listen to Nehru's speech in Roxasaba. He recalled that India had promised to protect Kasiris' self-determination.

Kasmyris is oppressed but not weak," he said

Today's borders with India, I warn the Modi government that the nation will be united to protect the stability and sovereignty of the nation," he said. FM Qureshi paid homage to his mother and daughter, who lost their son and brother, and said the gun was silent when the country fought against the bullet. "Why can't this cruel wall be demolished when the Berlin Wall is demolished. Jai Parkash Lohana said eight million Kasmisris were oppressed by the Indian government.

PTI lawmaker Lalchand Malhi said this was a unique public gathering organized by the Hindu community to respond to the actions of the Modi government. The Hindus of Pakistan are with Kasiris. Because the message is that Shif is with the oppressed. The change in the Constitution seems to have attacked an inseparable part of Pakistan. He added that he was proud of the fact that the elders did not move to India.

Cindy PTI, chairman of Haleem Adil Shaikh, said that a mindset like Modi has always been involved in the genocide of Sikhs and Muslims in India. He said more than 3,000 soldiers were sent to Calista in 1984 and that Blue Star operations began, killing 30,000 Sikhs.

More than 90,000 Sikhs died in 1990. In Assam, more than 10,000 Muslims were killed when they voiced their rights. During his reign in Gujarat, Modi killed 2,500 Muslims.

ANI said at least 30 college students from Kerala

India, were "booked with waving flags similar to Pakistan's flag on campus," the police said. The incident occurred Thursday at Perambra Silver College in the Kozhikode region of Kerala. As part of the trade union campaign, students belonging to the Muslim Student Front (MSF) included a procession of waving large green and white flags similar to Pakistan. According to ANI, the students claimed to have waved the MSF flag, but they were big and confused.

Students will be sentenced to Section 143 (Priority in the description of a period of six months or a penalty for anyone who is a negative rally), 147 (penalty for riots) 149 of the Indian Penal Code provocation with intent to induce violence And 149 people all illegal members of the assembly may be convicted of prosecuting common objects. The police are investigating the student's identity and will "take necessary action," the ANI report said.

According to India Today, police have not found anything suspicious so far while investigating the background of the students in question. We have inquired about the background of the students involved in this issue that have not been suspicious or surprising about the past so far. The students claim that a mistake occurred while printing the flag. Anyway we are confirming the fact." Peramabara CI told India Today TV.

According to an Indian publication, a member of the student organization rated the incident as being caused by typographical errors and undetected neglect. Students did not check the flag properly after printing. Our flag is half white and green with MSF in the white part. However, this flag is not proportional and looks similar to the Pakistan flag." said.
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