Ghulam Sarwar Khan Aviation Minister Said

Ghulam Sarwar Khan aviation minister said no decision was made to shut Pakistan's airspace into India. At a PTI Secretariat press conference on Monday, the minister said, “All options related to public closures were contemplated at last Cabinet meeting. But so far no final decision has been made. He said the government has so far not decided to close the eastern airspace with commercial flights from India. But “we have the right to do so and will be utilized at the right time.

In response to the question

The Secretary considered the global strategic environment by excluding all changes in Cabinet and Cabinet. He added that Timor-Leste and Sudan were ethically divided, accusing the United Nations of double standards and prejudice. And security board. The minister said that the Kashmir issue was not a political issue but a humanitarian issue. For the early resolution of the Kashmir conflict, the opposition party needs time to avoid political differences and work with the government to bring a unified voice to the world.

Ghulam Sarwar Khan answered another question, saying that they do not need to be disappointed by the Muslim world's response to the Kashmir issue. He said the PTI government would beg the Kashmir case at all forums, including the United Nations and Islamic Cooperation Organization, and would use the diplomatic channel to attract international attention to Kasmir's plight.

The prime minister and foreign ministers are in touch with state and government ministers and foreign ministers of other countries every day to get support for the Kashmir issue. Pakistan's minister said on September 6 that solidarity with the Kashmir brothers and the family of the mad twin suicide blast victims would be observed in a beneficial way in the garrison city of Wawa on September 6.

He said other gatherings, programs and events will be organized to observe the day. For one question, the government said it decided to observe solidarity with Kasmir every Friday until the Modi government lifted the ban and blockade of Jammu and Kashmir's occupying countries. Parliament Mansoor Hayat Khan and Parliament of Punjab Malik Tamoor Masood Akbar also attended the press conference.

Pakistani railroad officially

The Pakistani railroad officially began the recruitment process in the department by voting on Monday amid criticism of official rights. The first voting procedure on the Pakistan Railroad (PR) for posts rated BPS 1-5 followed the notice of the founding department issued by officials (promise, promotion and transfer) on June 17, 1973. Regulations on Prime Minister Imran Khan's order (revised). Moreover, PR officials have wrapped the process, especially from the media.

Following the general guidelines issued by our ministry, we did not call the press to address this new hiring process. As many candidates have witnessed, the voting process was a kind of passive process with boxes inscribed with various posts. We made a video of the two-hour voting round Monday in Lahore, ”said Aamir Nisar Chaudhry, vice president of public relations to us. But he promised that journalists would vote next time.

Chaudhry said, "We can call the media and have no instructions from the highest authorities to deal with such events, but we can observe the next vote scheduled after September 4. When speaking to constitutional experts on the hiring process, Dawn voted contrary to the basic basic rights set forth in the Constitution and said that the interview process was essential for choosing a compulsory position. The voting process will question transparency, they said.

In the first phase

PR began voting for several candidates who applied for vacancies in assistants, sweepers, and cleaner positions. Paper documents with a list of finalists who had previously completed technical and fitness tests fell into the box in the presence of candidates, the general manager of PR and the superintendent of the department. After the box was shaken, the slips were removed one by one. “In this way, we completed the voting process and displayed a list of successful candidates,” Chaudhry said.

According to the announcement, the word “through voting” was inserted after the word “standard” mentioned in the 1973 rule of civil servants (commitment, promotion and transfer). “In rule 16, the word“ through voting ”should be inserted after the word“ basis ”. Similarly, other modifications were made in rules 14 and 15. We can simply say that voting replaced the final interview process,” Chaudhry said.
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