Senate Standing Committee for Information Technology

On Monday, the Senate panel decided to blame Pakistan Telecom Company Limited (PTCL) for not making payments to pensioners and to complain about management. Rubina Khalid, Chairman of the Senate Standing Committee for Information Technology and Communications, has appointed an information technology department that does not take into account the mistakes of PTCL executives. Khalid said, “Becoming an officer and one of the members of the PTCL Board of Directors, let me know what you have done to solve the pensioner problem.

Subcommittee Senator Rukhsana Zuberi explained

The committee was discussing the reports of the subcommittee to investigate pension-related issues. Subcommittee Senator Rukhsana Zuberi explained the Commission on the overall situation of pensioners and said that pensions are being paid through assets of the Pakistani Telecom Employee Trust (PTET). Zuberi accused PTCL management and PTET mismanagement and negligence in the report. The Senate panel said that pensions have increased by 10pc, but pensioners have been raising 5.5pc since 2010. The report stressed that the PTET Board did not properly pay pensions, and the excuse for this was that asset value declined.

Zuberi added, “Financial losses have been reduced due to financial losses, incompetence and other losses, and as a result pensioners are in a difficult situation.” Us". PTET was established on January 1, 1996 to pay pensions to PTCL pensioners under the Pakistan Telecom (Reorganization) Act of 1996. The board of directors is managed by a board of six members. PTCL has 3 people, IT department has 3 people appointed by the federal government.

The committee informed that the Ufone Tower in the Blue Area is the property of PTET, and PTCL Management and PTET Boards have transferred their administrative authority to third parties and are receiving rent from the building. Senator Mian Atiq pointed out that the cellular company is a subsidiary of PTCL and asked officials whether Ufone is paying PTET for rent or profit using his property.

Therefore, all relevant agencies, including the Pakistan Securities and Exchange Commission (SECP), need to participate in an investigation to determine the legal status of transferring PTET assets to Ufone," he said. Senator Lehman Malik, a member of the subcommittee, asked the committee to take strict measures against those involved in the siphon removal of PTET assets.

I suggest that after the appropriate procedure

The case should be forwarded to the FIA ​​and NAB. This is essential because the PTET Board and PTCL management do not pay pensions under the law as determined by the Supreme Court. The commission also heard complaints from several retired employees and informed that PTET did not raise pensions following the government's announcement. Employees said the government raised pensions at a rate of 10%, but the PTET board of directors only allowed a 5.5pc increase and has been since 2010.

The report of the subcommittee was adopted by the standing committee and the chairman of the Rubyina Khalid committee and announced that it would be placed in front of the Senate, empathizing with pensioners. Senator Shah Jad Wasim, Lehman Malik, Sorry Mohammad Artik Sheikh, and Senator Sanazal Mali also attended the meeting.

Karachi's Large Taxpayer Unit

LTU pays 993 million rupees in 2013 taxes for media house evading taxes through “immunity, concealment and exemption misuse” to ARY Communications (ARY) I asked to. The charges of tax withdrawal in 2013 were revealed when ARY had already objected to the discovery of LTU in income tax (appeal) in Zone-I in Karachi. LTU Karachi chief executive said that the tax department will order if Monday finds some irregularities in the statements and documents submitted by taxpayers.

We issued an order after carrying out all legal proceedings," he added. He added that taxpayer details should not be disclosed publicly. According to him, the case in which the taxpayer objected to the findings of the LTU investigation was currently in the appeal stage. "I can't comment on that. On June 30 this year, LTU Karachi issued an order of 82 pages, with ARY's total revenue of 2.84 billion rupees and the television network had to remit Rs 991.94m.

ARY was asked to pay by July 30th. Instead, the network challenged Karachi Zone-I's income tax (appeal) order. According to the Large Taxpayers Unit, non-resident company ARY Digital FZLLC Networks operates satellite TV channels. The company holds a 45.5pc stake in ARY Communications. At the same time, the ARY Digital FZLLC Network receives a certificate of exemption from tax deductions from payments for paying broadcast sales to ARY communications.

ARY Communications

ARY Communications is a resident company and purchases broadcasts in the form of time slots from its parent, ARY digital FZLLC network. ARY Films and TV Production Private Ltd, wholly owned subsidiaries of ARY Communications, are resident companies. According to the order, all three companies have a three-party agreement to buy products in Pakistan and sell them to ARY Communications. This agreement allows all three parties to settle their outstanding balances at the end of each fiscal year.

The tripartite agreement was used to allow three companies to settle bonds and debts in Pakistan on behalf of the ARY digital FZLLC network. The group's tax assessment revealed that it had obtained tax exemptions by claiming to export its locally produced content to overseas corporations "to avoid local taxes. The same content was purchased from the same Dubai organization and then broadcast in Pakistan. A federal IRS spokesman said early in the morning that no new tax measures were taken on ARY communications.

This issue is currently pending to the Commissioner. A spokesman said, "Every taxpayer has the right to appeal the appeal decision. According to the LTU order, ARY Communications submitted an amendment to its 2013 tax return. However, while reviewing the tax records of ARY Communications, the amended order was “wrong as long as it affected the profits of income on the matter. Previous price of airtime / transmission costs.

After confirming the irregularity, a notice of show cause was issued to ARY Communications on April 29. ARY filed the first response on May 13 to accuse the tax authorities of conducting proceedings on the basis of “moments, assumptions, and speculations”.
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