The Decided to Take Public Transportation

The other day, after a long time, decided to take public transportation. The reasons were many, one of which was to observe how difficult or easy it is for low-income people to find this particular mode of transport when inflation to undermine trust is difficult. It turned out to be a rich socioeconomic experience. Karachi people living on the sociological outskirts of the city are terrible and bouncy sites, which include female people.

I boarded a minibus at Saba Avenue

My way departed from DHA Phase V with Gulistan-i-Jauhar to the final destination. I boarded a minibus at Saba Avenue at about 11am. There were a few passengers. At the pinnacle of the film Dilwale Dulhanya Lejaynge, the conductor that La Shah Rukh Khan hung from the door was accused of doing it because it was Sunday morning. There was a sweet helplessness in the air. When the bus turned left and entered Khayaban-i-Shahbaz, he came to me and asked where I wanted to go. I answered Qayyumabad. He said Rs25.

This embarrassed me. Isn't Qayyumabad here I asked the sheep. His response was mehngai (inflation). I coughed the sheep and started to peruse the vehicle. It was a rickets and a squeaky structure, and the engine sounded as if the giants of Jack and Beanstalk had problems with their ships. I had a lot of fuss about noise pollution, wondering how passengers can withstand sputtering and stuttering, especially when they go to work or to work.

Don't need a cozy travel mode? It barely had legroom in place and could be a perfect punishment for criminals with a bit of fat in their stomachs that were 9 feet 9 inches or more. In addition, the bus was noticeable. It is completely unfair to compare our society to that of the West. But in the context, the measurement of the latter civilization is of paramount importance for public transport.

Anyone who has visited London will know that the quality of public transport systems (subway tubes and buses) is one of the most civic-friendly cities in the world. From Qayyumabad I waited for another bus for almost 20 minutes. It was supposed to take me to Gulistan-i-Jauhar.

Does nothing. Sunday is lazy

In the meantime, several Qingqi wallah were begging me to join them for suggesting that it was not heavy in my pocket. So when the bus I was looking for did not arrive, I gave up and decided to choose Qingqi. The driver already told me that I would take me to Nipa for Rs50 and then said I could ride another car below Rs20. We know (not rich) Qingqi will be a six-seater manpower. This means dozens of passengers sitting in the cabin facing the driver.

However, the driver basically puts him aside so that two men (can't be women) can sit next to him, so it's not completely safe with 9-person boarding. I sat in the backseat in the right corner with thirty men carrying four to five heavy objects. Two little girls came and sat in front of us. They were confident and constantly talking. They were heading for Tariq Road. Finally, two men left Qingqi sitting on both sides of the driver.

A person with assorted items got off the station 15 minutes later and was replaced by an old man. He should be wearing a robe and have a light beard indicating that he did not shave within a week in the early sixties. Riding about five to six minutes, the girl sitting in front of me began to scream at the man. Old man, do not be smart with us. I have noticed you since you boarded.

Look at your age and behavior. Are you working cocky with girls over half age? Your grave has one foot. I can give you a slap right now. What would you do? This old man continued for a few minutes, trying to avoid eye contact with the girl with his head down. The rest of the passengers were stunned. Nobody knew what happened.

Two girls got off at Tariq Road

Tariq Road Paying for the driver and disappearing into the street, he showed a terrible appearance to the man. When the trip was resumed and after that a man got off the rickshaw, my reporter could not help it and asked why the girl hit the roof. He lost balance on the way when Qingqi broke his speed, and his hand hit the girl's knee, sitting next to the man who yelled at him.

Obviously, that's not a mistake. He was lying. There was more to that eye. Otherwise, the girl would not have kept silent when the mask was taken off. Good news for brave young women! I was proud of them. In the full episode came to think of me: how good would it be if the state and federal government could not provide comfortable, cheap and safe public transport to those in power.

While revising the proposal to reverse

The policy on imports of used cars, the Department of Commerce sought information from customs to identify the exact number of vehicles imported and kept in Karachi port in violation of the procedure. The lobbyists of used and local car manufacturers are pressing the government to agree with their views, respectively. The existing regulations for importing used cars are suitable for local manufacturers.

Official sources said that used car importers had tortured on August 26, asking for customs clearance of imported cars in violation of the modified procedure of Finance Minister Abdul Abdul Hafeez Sha­ikh. We asked the customs office to put the actual number of vehicles in Karachi port," the official added. He said there are conflicting figures on the total number of vehicles held in the port, and after confirming the exact number, the proposal will investigate whether to allow the permit.

However, officials added that policy makers agreed that there would be no change in used car import policy, and that the customs department's data would not create a basis to allow customs clearance of their vehicles. Due to changes in the auto import policy, tariff revenues have decreased in the first month of the current fiscal year. In addition, customs clearance of vehicles trapped in Karachi port will generate a one-time return for the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR).

President of the Pakistan

Daroo Khan Achakzai, President of the Pakistan Chamber of Commerce, assisted with customs clearance of used cars at the port. He said the move will not only generate additional revenue from the FBR, but will also help bring the cars in the harbor to importers. Talking to Dawn, Achakzai FPCCI chairman was engrossed with the government to limit imports of used cars. "I urge Imran Khan PM to instruct the relevant quarter to stop anti-business policy," the president said.

Last year, the Commerce Department created a three-year-old used car import process that links bank account information for importers' banking and Karachi port clearance. Meanwhile, Secretary-General Abdul Waheed Khan, president of the Pakistan Automobile Manufacturers 'Association, sent a letter to the Minister of Commerce on August 22 to inform the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' position on used car import policy.
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